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Why use Executive Search firm ?

  • Executives in Information Technology industry could be too busy to spot your job advertisements.
  • A good candidate typically has a secure job and not keen in making a change. Extra work involved in applying new position like writing application letter, preparing resume also deter such candidate in responding to an advertisement.
  • The skepticism due to the lack of understanding about the new employer by the candidate may prevent a company from attracting the right talent through advertisements.
  • Candidates may have the fear of miss-fit into a new corporate culture of their prospective new employer.
  • Confidentiality is maintained if a company does not want the existing employee to have misconceptions about a potential organization change.
  • Candidates may have the fear of sending a job application back to their existing employer if they response to an advertiser.


Key Benefits of using CL Search

  • We have a rich resume deposit from highly qualified I.T. Professionals in our resume bank.
  • Our Search consultants comprise of highly qualified I.T. personnel with wide exposure and experience.
  • Adequate and precise candidate evaluation cum selection using proven techniques.
  • Candidate profiles are updated through a structured manner to ensure their resumes are consistently maintained up-to date.
  • We are extremely sensitive to working within our clients' scheduled time frames and budgets.



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